Elect Curtis A. Wood For Orem City Council Member In 2015!

Elect Curtis A. Wood as Orem’s Next City Council Member

Your First and Best Choice for Orem City Council!

Elect Col. Wood For Orem City Council MemberI am Curtis A. Wood, a Candidate for Orem City Council.  My wife, Patricia, and I have been Orem Homeowners since 2006. This is where we chose to retire after serving our Country for over 35 years in the U.S. Army.  I retired in 2012 as a highly decorated Colonel having served two Combat Tours as a Commander in Iraq.  My education includes a Bachelors degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from California Lutheran University, and another Masters Degree from the US Army War College.

I have been active in the community on several issues and in many elections.  I am currently a Delegate for the Republican Party and voted in the elections last Spring and Fall.  We have a great community and I plan to help keep it that way.  I was against the Macquarie Deal on Utopia.  I believe we are allowing our elected officials to create too many laws. I am asking for your vote and trust to keep Orem a great place to live!

I am fiscally Conservative and value your money as much as you do. You earned it, you should spend it on what you want, not how someone elected to office thinks it should be spent.  The first solution always seems to be to take more money, to charge another fee, or raise taxes to fix the problem. Never looking to see where we should cut expenses.  I’ll look inside first. Where are we bloated? What isn’t being utilized? What isn’t needed anymore? Cut those items before looking at cost increases for you and your family.

Enough with the Apartment buildings!

  • How many new Apartment complexes are being built…? Far too many!
  • This is Family City, USA! We need to keep it that way. Single Family Homes, maybe some nice Townhomes. The increase in transient living arrangements certainly doesn’t help the transportation corridors or our infrastructure around the city. It simply congests it.
Utopia was a Bad Idea to begin with, but now we have to solve the debt and try to salvage the fiber in place.
  • The Mayor and several current Council Members have worked hard to find financially viable solutions to fixing our Utopia Nightmare, but there is still work to do.
  • The amount of debt is ridiculous and considering the solvency of the Company we need to look at creative ideas to stop the red ink.
  • Municipalities are supposed to help at the local level, safety, utilities, streets and maintenance of those items. When they stray from their core competencies we end up with “Utopias”. There will be NO Utopias on my watch if elected as your City Council Member!

I make time for my community and the people in it.

  • I am currently serving on the Community Development Block Grant Commission, and started that position in Jan 2015.
  • I am active at City Council Meetings, especially with regard to Utopia.
  • I attend County Commission Meetings.
  • I attended 8 sessions of Utah Legislature this past winter and spoke at numerous committee meetings on topics of importance, like Local School Board Elections, Article V participation, and Veteran Issues.